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How we work


Download the app, create a brief profile and set your status as ‘Available’ whenever you’re ready to accept a date


When a member posts a date request, you will receive a notification


Things looking good? Then approve their profile


A private chat then opens up so you can finalize the time, location and activity

Why it makes sense to give CompanyMapp Partner a try.


An easy way to meet individuals who are serious about the same things as you


An on-the- go dating service that works based on your location and availability



Users can see the very basic details until you approve of their request


Activities are finalized beforehand so you expectations are set right from the start

  • Why should I try CompanyMapp Partner?
  • CompanyMapp Partner is an app that makes it convenient to find dates. Our unique algorithm pairs you with only serious dates helping you save countless hours in time, effort and energy. All you need to do is sign up and create a brief profile. When you’re ready to go out, set your status as ‘Available’ and wait for date requests to pour in. If you approve of the profiles, date requirements and activities, a private chat opens up where you can finalize the rest.
  • Is my profile and data safe?
  • CompanyMapp Partner only displays your very basic information. Only when you approve of a member request does your profile get shared with our user.
  • What is expected from me on these dates?
  • Expectations are discussed right from the start so there are no surprises on the date. You have control right from the get-go!
  • Is this for both men and women?
  • CompanyMapp Partner is a platform for both men and women looking to meet individuals who are looking to date.
  • What about same sex dating?
  • Absolutely. Just check the box for Men or Women when you’re creating your profile we will connect you accordingly.

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