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A location based, on-demand dating app to find attractive singles around you.


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Find Attractive Singles Around You. Anywhere.

Absolutely FREE to Download and Search for those around you

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How it works

Step 1

If you are looking for a date, all you have to do is sign up and set your gender preference. You are all set

Step 2

Our unique and effective matching system uses your preferences to search millions of profiles and pairs you with most attractive and compatible singles around you.

Step 3

View details of potential singles around you who meet your criteria. Select a profile that you are most interested in and send out a chat request

Step 4

Once your request is accepted, a private chat opens up where you message and flirt with your potential date and finalize specifics such as timing, activity and location

Why Try CompanyMapp?

Dating on-the-go

An easy to use and effective service that helps you find singles and amazing company near you, wherever you are.

Simple & Efficient

Our unique algorithm pairs you with singles near you and looking for the same things as you. And it does so very quickly!



App doesn’t allow browsing of profiles unless there is match, and profiles are not displayed until you post a request or if you are match to someone searching for a date

Set Expectations

Looking for good conversation, a date or friendship? Set expectations clearly at the start, so potential dates know exactly what you’re looking for

  • Is this discrete?
  • Absolutely. CompanyMapp only displays the very basic information. Only when you request a date will your profile open up to registered members.
  • Why should I try CompanyMapp?
  • We help you set expectations right from the start. Once you post a date request and it gets accepted by one of our members, a private chat window opens up. This is where you discuss specifics of what you’re looking for, including time, date and location, and once you’re both in agreement, you’re good to go!
  • What kind of dates can I expect to go on?
  • From dinners and movies, to coffee and drinks: the dates you go on are like any other. The only difference is that it’s at your convenience and all expectations are laid down from the start.
  • What about same sex dating?
  • Absolutely. Just check the box for Men or Women when you’re requesting a date and we will connect you accordingly.

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